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Mark's Mobile Massage

Mark’s Mobile Massage “in the comfort of your home or hotel room”
Mark is a qualified Cert IV in Therapeutic Massage Therapist and operates throughout the Brisbane area, Brisbane Southside, Brisbane Northside, Brisbane East and Bayside suburbs including Wynnum Manly and the Redlands.
Mark’s services:

 Swedish relaxation massage
 Deep tissue massage
 Pregnancy massage
. Infant
. Sports
. Remedial

Mark’s availability:

 Weekdays 7 - 10pm
 Weekends Saturday and Sunday 10am – 10 pm

Mark’s prices
 First time introductory one hour special $70
 One hour massage $90 – your 7th massage is FREE

Gift vouchers and further discount packages available

PO Box 823
Brisbane QLD 4178

Attn: Mark

ph: 0421 608 292

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